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Physical Therapy In Port St. Lucie

Physical Therapy Services

A Physical Therapist is a person trained and certified by a state or accrediting body to design and implement  therapy programs. A Physical Therapist treats extremities and the spine, focusing on gross motor movement and skills of the body. A Physical Therapy Assistant works under the supervision of a physical therapist. They may assist in developing treatment plans and carrying out routine functions. They may also document the progress of treatment. Some musculoskeletal injuries can be successfully resolved conservatively with therapy instead of surgery.

If therapy alone does not resolve your issue, it may also be prescribed in conjunction with preparation for and/or rehabilitation after surgery. When referred for therapy, our hands-on team will perform an evaluation and develop a treatment plan specific to your needs using exercise, injury specific modalities, and manual techniques.  The focus is on teaching you how to heal yourself and to get you back to activities as quickly as possible.

We are now offering in-house physical therapy at both our Port St. Lucie and Stuart locations! Having our facilities located within our clinic locations allows for continuous communication between our physicians and physical therapy staff.  Essentially important in monitoring the patient’s progress throughout all stages of treatment.  Our therapists also offer sports specific injury prevention evaluations customized to each patients needs to minimize the risk of injury by establishing or maintaining a reliable exercise program.

Please do not hesitate to contact our physical therapy department should any questions arise regarding your care or appointment at our direct number 772.878.8858. Our staff would be happy to assist you.