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Shoulder Surgery & Replacement

Shoulder Pain Relief, Repair and Replacement: Orthopaedic Surgery in Port St. Lucie

The shoulder has the largest range of motion of any joint in the body, and is susceptible to overuse, traumatic injury and age-related pain. At Coastal Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Center in Port St. Lucie, we successfully perform minimally-invasive orthopedic shoulder surgery techniques including shoulder replacement and rotator cuff repair, as well as other forms of shoulder pain relief treatment.

Conditions that May Require Shoulder Surgery and Repair

Shoulder pain, instability and stiffness can have many causes, so it’s important to receive a thorough diagnosis with your St. Lucie orthopedic surgeon to determine the correct treatment for your needs. This is a broad overview of the most common shoulder pain conditions that we can repair with shoulder surgery:

  • Arthritis—Osteoarthritis from years of wear and tear damages cartilage and can cause bone spurs. Rheumatoid arthritis can thicken the synovial membrane around the shoulder joint.
  • Rotator cuff injury—Injury, inflammation or degeneration of the system of tendons and muscles centering your arm bone into the shoulder socket. Several specific conditions fall under the umbrella of rotator cuff injury.
  • Fractures—A fall, accident, sports injury, etc. can fracture one or more of the three main bones forming the shoulder joint: the collar bone (clavicle), shoulder blade (scapula) and/or Humerus (upper arm bone).

Port St. Lucie Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Center Procedures for Shoulder Pain

Our Port St. Lucie orthopaedic surgery center team provides a wide range of shoulder surgery options, including minimally invasive surgery techniques to speed recovery time and improve outcomes.

  • Rotator cuff repair—Can often be done with minimally-invasive arthroscopic surgery, depending on the extent of the damage and the tissues needing repair. We focus on the least-invasive, most effective surgical methods to provide pain relief treatment.
  • Partial or full shoulder replacement surgery—Our orthopaedic surgeons in Port St. Lucie excel at shoulder replacement surgery that removes damaged joint material and replaces it with a ceramic, metal or plastic prosthesis. Our muscle-sparing techniques avoid cutting muscle and other tissue, separating it as gently as possible during these shoulder replacement surgeries so as to reduce complications and help patients recover faster.

The shoulder is a complex joint with many moving parts, and there are several surgical procedures under these categories we can perform to restore function and provide pain relief. Don’t ignore your shoulder pain—the appropriate orthopedic surgery can prevent years of pain and improve your quality of life.

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