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Minimally Invasive Hip Pain Relief Surgery with Your Orthopaedic Surgeon in Port St. Lucie

The ball and socket joint of your hip enables you to rotate your leg forward, backward and from side to side. The cartilage surrounding the ball makes these movements smooth, but injury, arthritis and other conditions can damage the joint, making it painful to stand, walk or get up and down. If anti-inflammatory medications don’t provide relief, minimally invasive orthopedic hip surgery or replacement may be your best way to recover and get hip pain relief. Discuss your options today with your orthopedic surgeon in Port St. Lucie.

Reasons for Orthopedic Hip Replacement Surgery

Coastal Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Center provides hip surgery Port St. Lucie neighbors trust for lasting joint pain relief through treatment options that create only minimal incisions to help you recover quickly. The following conditions can indicate a need for hip replacement or surgery:

  • Arthritis—The cartilage between joint bones wears out, causing pain, stiffness and limited range of motion.
  • Hip injury—Accidents, falls and other injuries can damage the bones, ligaments and tendons of the hip. Hip fractures and dislocations fall under this category.
  • Bursitis—Fluid-filled hip bursa provide smooth movement between hip tissues. Inflamed bursa cause pain and stiffness.
  • Hip joint abnormalities—If there are abnormalities in the shape of the hip joint bones, minimally invasive hip replacement surgery can correct these issues.

Hip Injury and Pain Relief Treatment and Hip Replacement

Your Port St. Lucie orthopedic hip specialist excels at several minimally-invasive joint replacement surgery techniques for lasting relief, and to help you recover normal range of motion without pain and stiffness. We use advanced techniques that create smaller incisions for minimal side-effect damage to surrounding tissues. This enables our patients to recover quickly, even after a total hip replacement surgery:

  • Our muscle-sparing surgery techniques for hip replacement, for example, make small, temporary separations in the muscle fibers, rather than cutting them to access the treatment area.
  • Arthroscopic surgery techniques also allow us to repair and replace damaged hip tissues using significantly smaller incisions that heal much faster.

Recover from Hip Pain: Contact the Orthopedic Surgeon Port St. Lucie Trusts for Lasting Relief

Don’t let hip pain stop you—you can recover with the right treatment. Schedule an appointment today to discuss your needs with the orthopaedic surgeon Port St. Lucie relies on for minimally invasive hip replacement surgery and pain relief treatment: (772) 335-5300.

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