Knee Surgery

Knee Surgery Overview

One of the most common problems that people present with to their primary care provider is knee pain. There are many causes of knee pain including acute trauma (such as that sustained while playing sports), overuse injuries, arthritis, and many others. After an initial evaluation, some patients could require surgery to correct the problem. It is important for patients to have an overview of what happens during knee surgery prior to agreeing to any treatment.

How is Knee Surgery Performed?

Knee surgery can be used to fix a wide variety of problems. Some patients could have chronic pain that requires a knee replacement surgery to correct. Other patients could have sustained serious ligament damage, such as an ACL tear, while playing sports. There are numerous injuries in between these two extremes that can be corrected using knee surgery. Each procedure is different and patients should sit down and discuss the procedure with their orthopedic surgeon before moving forward. Some procedures are performed in a non-invasive manner while others are more involved and could entail a multi-day stay in the hospital for recovery. All patients should make sure that their questions are answered prior to surgery day.

Who Needs Knee Surgery?

While some problems can be managed without the use of an operating room, some patients require surgery to correct the issue. Patients who have chronic knee pain that has been unresponsive to medical management should meet with an orthopaedic surgeon to discuss their case. Other patients could have acute issues that are surgical problems from the very beginning. These could include ACL tears, MCL tears, patella tendon ruptures, or any bone injury that is accompanied by serious damage to the surrounding nerves and blood vessels. Clues that surgical management could be required include the inability to walk, inability to move the knee, or a popping sensation followed by serious swelling.

Who is Qualified to Perform These Procedures?

Knee surgeries should be performed by trained orthopedic surgeons who have completed a residency in orthopedic surgery. This is an intense residency program that can take five years or more where surgeons who have completed medical school are trained in the intricacies of numerous orthopedic surgical procedures, medical management of post-operative care, and the optimization of patients to ensure that they receive the best outcome possible for surgery. Many of these surgeons go on to complete additional training in a subspecialty field, such as knee surgeries.

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